The best systems are the ones you use.
The best data is the data you act upon.

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Starting a business is like jumping off a cliff, and assembling an airplane on the way down -- no parachutes provided.

Do you have the right team, and the right systems in place, to win in time? We offer consulting and contract work to assist in the digitization of processes, and creation of business systems for highly ambitious companies.

Stay informed of critical business metrics. Use technology to remain connected to customer conversations for better, more meaningful customer experiences. Build that airplane in time.

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Case Studies

Reedyville Goods

In mid 2020, Thorium set out to produce a streamlined order management system for Reedyville Goods.

Previously, orders could slip through the cracks, and deliveries could be missed due to the reliance on paper.

With Thorium spending 2 days a week developing systems with an average of 3 active staff per day on the project for 2+ months, we've been able to produce highly valuable systems for Reedyville Goods.

Simple Appliance

Our first big case study. In 2019, an appliance store of 12 years in Rocklin, CA closed down and sold assets to Jarrett Tilford. The new store is called Simple Appliance, which opened for business January 1st, 2020.

We created dozens of micro-systems across the new business to streamline purchases, deliveries, and inventory acquisition.

Within the first 7 months, the last 3 months have earned sales revenues higher than the record-best month of the previous business. The 7th month nearly doubled the previous business's record. The 8th is on track to be over 15% higher than the 7th month.

Without our digital systems knowledge and development, none of these records would have been achieved.

About our team

We're not perfect. But we're relentless. We strive for excellence, speed, and efficiency in everything we do.

Geeks and nerds to the core, who understand the key goals and motivators of ambitious business owners, because we are business owners (most of us, anyway) and we work like we are.

In 2017, owner Jarrett started Thorium with the mission of defying the industry reputation (you know the one – some shady sales-guy is going to sell you an "SEO Package" without really explaining what that means, and you never notice a dime of value).

After 3 years as an agency, we slowly (and also somehow quickly) developed the skillset and the strategy to bring our abilities to businesses in new ways.

Now, we work as active consulting-contractors to provide our knowledge and expertise in the most valuable ways, only to qualified, highly ambitious companies.

Most of our daily time is occupied by a small number of large projects, but we remain open to providing bundles of services, or consulting, or directing you to our partners for additional services.

If you think you're serious about business, and you think you might need some help, or some guidance from an honest bunch of nerds, just give us a quick call. (916) 678-0558.

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You can reach us by phone at (916) 678-0558